Painting My Face

I’ve never been a makeup and hair kind of girl. I was content with more sleep, and a wash and go lifestyle. It was a look, but maybe not a great one. I looked like I didn’t care about my appearance, and it in turn made me not care so much about myself.

Then, that changed. Maybe I’ll get into the reasons later, but for now, let’s just say this. I get up an hour before I need to leave for work, because I want to. Things like primer and hair spray are daily essentials. I go clothes shopping on a bi weekly basis. Not always to buy mind you, but to keep my eye open for a new style or texture to expand my wardrobe.

All of this has been heavily influenced by several YouTubers. I consume their videos like I crave new episodes of RHONY. (#JillZarin4Life) Women like Kristin Gehm, Emily Eddington and Dani help me with my daily looks. Bunny Meyers and Gigi Gorgeous help me with creating a unique style that is all my own. And Tarababyz keeps me craving new high end bronzer.

I decided that I wanted a place to chronicle my journey, without boring my friends and family. I want a place where I can post the endless selfies I’ve been taking, trying to sort out what bronzers look best on my skin, or what outfits I think worked. A place where I can write that I think everyone is crazy and those Wet N’Wild matte lipsticks are the worst. Hopefully, this will be a place where I can track my changing style and evolving (hopefully) skills with makeup.

At least I don’t use as much foundation as I used to! ­čÖé